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Fresh off the release of their latest studio album Dearly Beloved, Daughtry frontman Chris Daughtry joins the show. Fifteen years after the release of their self-titled debut album, Daughtry is back to reclaim their crown and evolve into the rock band they originally sought to become.

Chris opens up about the path that led to this latest record, and how splitting from the band’s label really allowed for full creative freedom to write rock songs. We take a deep dive back into Chris’ path through American Idol, and what it was like to live in an isolated compound for the duration of the show. Chris also shares the one thing he wishes they would have allowed him to do on the show. We fast forward to 2019 and chat about Chris’ stellar performance as the “Rottweiler” on The Masked Singer. Chris reveals the challenges of performing in a mascot costume, and the secrecy of that shrouds the show in general.

We get back to Dearly Beloved and discuss the creative process going into the project. I reveal which song from the record would make the perfect backtrack for a sports montage video package (take note NFL and UFC), plus we talk about Chris’ fascination with comic books and how it’s come to light in the band’s latest music video.

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