Dealing With Burnout in the Workplace w/ David Shar


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Robin had a discussion with our guest, David Shar, about workplace burnout . The founder of Illuminate PMC, David is a keynote speaker, consultant, and trainer specializing in helping organizations improve their leadership and culture, combat burnout, and design meaningful work. David combines decades of leadership experience with the latest psychological research to help you attract, retain, and motivate top talent. David holds his bachelor’s in human resource management from Colorado State University and his master’s in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Maryland – College Park. David is NOT your typical academic – as a scientist/practitioner translator, David makes leadership theory & business psychology accessible, implementable, and fun through the use of humor, stories, and ‘real-world’ examples. 1. What is Burnout? 2. What can businesses do to prevent burnout? 3. Does resilience training work? 4. What long-term effects will COVID-19 have on the world of work? 5. How do I know if my company has a burnout problem? 6. If I discover that my employees are burned out, what is the first thing step I can take to fix it?

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