#183~ May 21, 2021: "This Thing Of Ours: A Discussion Regarding Research & Study Of The JFK Assassination", With Alan Dale.


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IN THIS EPISODE~ Alan Dale is BACK! After the huge positive response to his appearance here back in January, I knew we had to get him back to the table for more conversation sooner than later, and he did not disappoint. Among the topics covered in this wide-ranging conversation: Alan's new book, "the Devil Is In The Details"; Alan's work with Dr, John Newman; The extremely nuanced nature of the Framing Of Lee Oswald; Different ways of thinking of Oswald as an "intelligence asset"; Hitting the "Research Wall', and overcoming burnout; Oswald in Mexico City; the struggle against Confirmation Bias, our mutual intolerance for so-called "researchers" who just make sh*t up, and MUCH, MUCH MORE. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted By Doug Campbell A Drop-D Podcast Production Music: "Fear Not", by Galactic Cowboys "Mescalero", by ZZ Top

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