In Conversation with Mike Mangini: Part Two


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“What is the impression that we make when we say what we say with regard to speed, ya know?”

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Part two of my conversation with Dream Theater’s drummer Mike Mangini.

You Will Hear About….

  • Rhetoric and the importance of knowing the true meaning of words.
  • How do we define music that has feel?
  • Mike’s thoughts concerning speed and musicality.
  • A dream Mike had and Virgil Donati.
  • Thoughts about gratitude.

Why Should You Listen?

Mike’s thoughts regarding the words we use and their true meaning is important to hear. We hear folks talking about how speed isn’t musical and certain genres having feel while others don’t. These topics are interesting to a lot of people and Mike makes a lot of sense with what he has to say about this stuff. Plus, a dream that Mike had enabled him to achieve a goal is very interesting stuff.

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