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Drunk On Social's First Free Event, Social Genius is NEXT Week

This week’s episode is an exciting addition to let you in on extra special news and invite you to an important event happening in less than a week! Jeff and Tristan are bringing you the latest and guiding you through the use of social media features to better engage with your audience...but, there is more! They are also going to bring in Top Social Media Influencers to give you access to their incredible expertise! Tune in to get all the details, you don’t want to miss this!

Episode Highlights:

  • Twitter is the fourth most visited website in the world; Their number of users and revenue continues to see steady increase. Jeff and Tristan discuss why.
  • SnapChat had a record revenue quarter, adding a shocking 13 million more daily actives, rising to 293 million which is a 23% increase year over year.
  • Jeff shares about an entertaining podcast called, Facebook versus SnapChat, on Business Wars by Wondery.
  • TikTok and SnapChat may have some rivalry too. Why?
  • TikTok added two live streaming features for everyone! What are they? Why does it matter?
  • When you go live on TikTok, how do you engage differently with the Q & A feature?
  • Are you using video replies on TikTok? Jeff explains why it is important and goes along with the algorithm.
  • Jeff reveals the important announcement about their live virtual event called Social Genius, sponsored by Social Coach. Top influencers are going to be sharing LIVE with you! Tristan names the social media rockstars that will be joining. You don’t want to miss out!
  • What is happening with YouTube Shorts?
  • If you’re trying to build a YouTube Channel, what strategy can you use to incorporate shorts, maximize your time, and define your brand?
  • Instagram expanded insights data to 60 days providing more analytical capacity. Why is it important?
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**Your Invitation To Become A Social Genius**


Resources Mentioned:

Twitter Posts Steady Increases in Users and Revenue for Q2, with Good Growth in Ad Spend:


Snapchat posts strong results in Q2:


YouTube Shorts give you a new way to watch, discover and create short content using nothing but your phone:


TikTok Adds New Live-Stream Features, Including Live Guests and Q&A Panels:


Instagram Expands Insights Data to 60 Days, Providing More Analytical Capacity:


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