Drunk On Social The Symposium-Lana Rodriguez Shares How To Create The Ultimate Customer Experience-EP 17


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Lana Rodriguez Shares How To Create The Ultimate Customer Experience

This is the first ever episode with a live guest! Tristan and Jeff interview Lana Rodriguez, a very successful team leader of real-estate agents in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has extensive expertise in client events and reigning in the use of Facebook and social media to make an impact. Drunk on Social is always helping you figure out how to build your brand and presence on social media; Tune in to this episode to learn what strategic moves you can make to take it to the next level.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lana shares about the dynamics of the videographer position on her team and the importance to content creation.
  • Lana lists off resources for how to be a social media pro.
  • Do you have a private Facebook group? Lana shares her personal experience of strategic marketing.
  • How do you get to the top of the list for referrals from other states?
  • Jeff reviews what it looks like to consistently be executing on social media and how to intentionally set up your friends list for prospecting success.
  • Tristan asks Lana to explain how she grew her TikTok following and how to use it to get leads.
  • How do you continue to connect with clients without it becoming boring?
  • Lana explains how they are opening up a stand alone boutique building as a local hyper spot for her team and local agents to create a less intimidating process for home buying. It will have its own instagram and be a landmark for real-estate.
  • The Lana Rodriguez group has big goals. She explains how providing experiences to their clients has helped the group grow over the last five years.
  • Jeff asks Lana to recap her trend of where she has been and what she has done since 2015 and the massive impact that social media had on that growth.

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