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Trigger on and bugger off! Welcome to Duckface Diaries, the World Trigger manga readthrough podcast! In this episode Wensleydale and Hovin cover volume 7 of the series, continuing the invasion arc with the fight against Ranbanein and Enedora the Explorer, featuring KURUMA’S SUPERIOR ACTING SKILLS. Support the show on patreon.com/wensleydalecheddar

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Intro 0:00
Summary 3:56
General Thoughts 14:01
Ashihara Comments Corner 28:39
Spoiler Corner 35:22
Q&A 37:55
Outro 52:47

Ashihara, D. (2019, January 20). (C. Cook, Trans. & A. Christman, Let.). Retrieved from https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/titles/100028

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