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This week, despite months of repeated republican c+ckblocking, Nancy Pelosi's Select Committee finally began hearing testimony from police officers who were at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. The evidence is horrific and undeniable, so (of course) Julie & Brandy are enraged and drinking to deal with their feelings. Thankfully, their friend, Erickatoure Aviance stops by to soothe their anger with her dulcet tones, describing what it’s like for a legendary drag performer living amongst the Maga, every day in Arizona. Ericka is iconic, and the interview is a must-listen for anyone being dragged into the depths like Julie & Brandy. The rage is real, and cynicism thrives, but it’s people like Nance Pelose and Erickatoure that keep hope alive. (That rhymes!)


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