3 Ways To Slow The Brain Drain With Dr. Christine Koh


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"Right now is a lot."

That one sentence sums up life for all of us these days. Dr. Christine Koh, a brain scientist turned lifestyle expert turned influencer, tweeted that gem recently.

It was so good and so dead-on that I reached out immediately to pick her brain about how to calm the overwhelming feelings so many of us are dealing with in 2021.

Christine's take on life in the time of COVID-19 is equal parts helpful and humorous. Her scientific background explains the why behind our overwhelm. Her uncanny knack to connect with people, especially women, provides the how in dealing with all that life is throwing at us these days.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • The tweet that took me down a Christine Koh rabbit hole
  • How a Harvard-trained scientist became a lifestyle expert, influencer and podcast host
  • And the three things you can do immediately to slow the brain drain

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