Fitz Issues The 'Phone A Friend' Challenge To Tackle COVID Fatigue


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It's my first solo episode of the season. And, in this show, I'm talking about a phone call I got from a friend that changed my outlook on everything.

COVID fatigue is legit. A University of Colorado study found 4 in 10 Americans are stressed and/or anxious. Only 4 in 10? This past year has been, well, a lot. In a lot of ways. In ALL the ways.

Living with constant low-level anxiety is the new norm for people trying to work, home-school, not catch COVID-19, etc. And even the most resilient people hit the wall. I did. And, I had no idea it was happening until a close friend called and said, "I'm doing a welfare check."

It was a game-changer and a major reality check.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • What I did that prompted my friend's phone call.
  • I outline the "phone a friend" challenge and explain why we need to regularly check in on friends and family.
  • And the three things that constitute "self-care" in my world these days.

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