How Nancy Grace Keeps Her Grit


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Grit: defined as courage and resolve.

That definition should have a picture of Nancy Grace next to it. She is a legal commentator, former prosecutor and TV icon.

She was the biggest name on HLN for 12 years. Some 4.5 million people watched her coverage of the Casey Anthony trial in 2011. And, she's been parodied on "Saturday Night Live." You know you've made it when that happens.

Her interest in the law and obsession with justice started after her fiance Keith was murdered. Since that time, she's dedicated her life to being a voice for crime victims and their families.

Her latest TV venture is "Bloodline Detectives." It shows how modern forensic technology is cracking cold cases.

Nancy's latest book is "Don't Be a Victim: Fighting Back Against America's Crime Wave."

And, like the rest of us, she's spending most of the year in quarantine dealing with kids, nonstop cooking and laundry that never ends.

Through it all, she's managed to grow her grit and maintain her trademark energy and passion.

Guest host Teo Torres and I were dying to ask: "How do you grow grit in a year like 2020?"

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