How Skateboarder Maurio McCoy Found An Edge In The Pandemic


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Five new sports will debut at this summer's Tokyo Olympics.

Skateboarding is one of them, and Maurio McCoy wants to bring home gold for Team USA.

Skateboarding features two events: park and street.

Park competitions take place in a bowl and emphasize athlete flow and tricks. Street competitions feature a course that creates real-world obstacles like stairs and rails.

McCoy is a street skater and he can thank his big brother for his Olympic dreams.

His brother handed him a skateboard at the age of 4 and the rest is history.

McCoy moved to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania right before the pandemic. He spent quarantine skating and falling in love with his new hometown.

"I don't have to deal with weather — sunny here for the most part. I like that it's been good for my skating," said McCoy.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • What skateboarders think of their sport joining the Olympics.
  • How skateboard "attitude" helps McCoy handle life stress.
  • What life is like as a pro skateboarder (spoiler: it's pretty awesome and McCoy knows it).

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