How To Break An Addiction To 'Doing' With Renee Dineen


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Episode 100 of the Dying to Ask podcast begins with a question: How do you want to spend your time post-pandemic?

Many people say the silver lining of quarantine-life has been extra time spent with family. But will we still spend this much together time once lockdowns and masks are a memory?

Maybe it's time to take a self-inventory.

That means taking a critical look at how you're wired and what you really want to be doing, or more importantly, not doing.

Business and life coach Renee Dineen's describes herself as a recovering "doing addict" and workaholic.

She left a seven-figure job in biotech for a shot at doing more meaningful work.

That work turned into research into why so many of us are addicted to our to-do list and endless goals at the expense of our health and personal lives.

Renee's TED Talk called "Authentic Inaction" has more than half a million views. And, she believes the art of doing nothing every once in awhile can manifest in everything.

In this Dying to Ask:

  • How the pandemic revealed how many of us are addicted to "doing"
  • The power of knowing your enneagram number and how to use it once you know it
  • Three simple ways to simplify your life and free up your time

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