How To Live A Fully Charged Life With Meaghan Murphy


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Can you "positive think" your way to a more enjoyable life? Yes, you can. (See how positive I was?)

Meaghan Murphy is the author of "Your Fully Charged Life." Her new book is a roadmap to flipping the switch on negativity. Meaghan is a positivity pro now. But, she wasn't always so optimistic.

Her nickname was Grumpy as a kid due to her perpetual negativity on everything from going to Disneyland to playing soccer.

A tragic experience as a teenager sent Meaghan down a career path in journalism as a magazine writer.

She's currently the editor-in-chief of "Woman's Day," one of the most popular magazines on newsstands that reaches 18 million readers a month. Previously, she worked at magazines including "YM," "Teen People," "Cosmopolitan" and "Good Housekeeping."

Meaghan says it's not about looking at the bright side. It's about looking at ALL sides.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • What it means to live a fully charged life
  • The tragic life event that sent Meaghan down her career path
  • How Meaghan practiced what she preached when she recently caught COVID-19

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