Say This, Not That With Writer CEO May Habib


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Words matter. Now more than ever.

Use a word out of context or a word that is no longer politically correct and you can hurt someone or, in extreme cases, lose your job.

Silicon Valley entrepreneur May Habib is the CEO of Writer. Writer is AI software designed to take the words out of your mouth. Writer's artificial intelligence highlights questionable language and offers more acceptable phrasing. It basically saves you from yourself. And, it protects companies in a cancel culture.

What kinds of words?

Elderly, addict and master bedroom are all controversial words. What's wrong with them and what should you say instead?

On this Dying to Ask:

  • How May started Writer
  • How artificial intelligence catches controversial words and phrases and why companies are relying on this kind of protection more and more
  • Why you should be open to updating the words you use
  • And May and Fitz bond over the ridiculous fun they had working on college newspapers

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