The 2021 Summer Beach Reads Episode


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Read anything good lately? The answer is always yes when you ask independent bookstore owner Tina Ferguson.

Tina started her independent bookstore, Face In A Book, nearly 10 years ago. Nothing prepared Tina and other bookstore owners for the challenges of selling books in a pandemic.

But, books were definitely essential for a lot of us over the last year.

They provided an escape from the realities of pandemic life. They inspired us. They distracted us. And, most of all, they entertained us.

Now, it's the summer of 2021. Vaccination rates are creeping up and a lot of people are craving travel and vacations again.

Have a pen handy as you listen and get great suggestions from Tina on what to pack book-wise.

It's our annual "Summer Beach Reads" show, and this one will keep your attention until "The End."

On this Dying to Ask:

  • The trends bookstores are seeing coming out of the pandemic
  • Six books Tina says deserve your attention this summer
  • Tina's trick to get kids reading more over the summer

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