Why Team USA's Karate Kid Loves 'Cobra Kai'


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Ariel Torres is a real-life Karate Kid and Team USA's best chance at a medal in karate at this summer's Tokyo Olympics.

Karate joins judo and taekwondo as the third martial art to enter the Olympic lineup after Japan named it one of five sports debuting at this summer's games.

Torres started karate at the age of 6 at the suggestion of a pediatrician to control his endless energy.

Like Daniel LaRusso in "The Karate Kid," he fell in love with the sport. Like Daniel LaRusso, he's from New Jersey. Unlike Daniel LaRusso, he loves "Cobra Kai."

The hit Netflix show is giving the sport a rebirth just in time for fans to cheer on athletes like Torres in Tokyo.

Torres is ranked number 10 in the world in his sport and is a featured "Got Milk" sponsored athlete.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • Why Ariel says the Olympic postponement is the only reason he has a shot at competing in Tokyo this summer.
  • What happened to him during quarantine that changed him as a man and as an athlete.
  • How the Netflix show "Cobra Kai" is fueling karate's growth as a sport.
  • And how you can be a more disciplined person by utilizing a few tricks from Ariel's training.

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