Why This Is The Perfect Time To Make Goals For 2021


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I purposely didn't do a "goals" episode in January. I mean, 2020 was hard enough without the pressure of resolutions. But then, I started thinking maybe goal setting is EXACTLY what we need, despite the pandemic.

The utter loss of structure from commutes, distance learning and working from home has left a lot of people struggling to find motivation to think about goal setting. But life coaches and time-management experts say the act of setting goals can ground you in a world that keeps on spinning.

The ultimate goal-setter is back on the podcast this week.

Tim Collom first appeared on "Dying to Ask" at the beginning of 2020 to talk about his 20-year habit of forming 100 goals every year. Many of you have asked: "What happened to that goal guy?"

Many assumed Tim ditched the list given the pandemic.

Nope! He doubled down on the goal list, and wait until you hear what happened next.

On this Dying to Ask:

  • Why you need to write down some 2021 goals
  • 10 topics to focus your goal setting
  • How to know a goal is worth putting on your list
  • The goal Tim just crossed off the list that's seriously ruining his sleep

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