The Above-Ground Underground Podcast - EPISODE 37 - THE ARCHITECTS OF THE CULTURE OF DEATH


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The Above-Ground Underground Podcast - EPISODE 37 - THE ARCHITECTS OF THE CULTURE OF DEATH
This is Dr. Steve's LIVE show from Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Our Hosts' viewpoints don't always reflect what EA TRUTH Media believes as a whole!
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Understanding the absurd demands that the Deep-State Culture of Death has placed on the American people, demand that we comprehend that it was all obviously planned and predetermined and that the orchestrated actions, resulting from the outbreak, were carried out to change how we regard our nation and the world and to cause us to accept a cowardly new world, which we have never imagined to live in before.

Sadly, we can now see that all we lived, in 2020, and into 2021, was only the beginning of sorrows. I here and now predict that a nationwide lockdown will be again ordered, and we must refuse to comply. I here and now predict that very soon Biden will announce a vaccine mandate, as well, and all of us will be forced to either get vaccinated or find it impossible to work, shop, eat out, or to leave your home. Let’s talk about it all, on the Above-Ground Underground Podcast…

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