EP 39: How to change the way social media is used with Kim Karr and Mitch Winterlin


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Today’s Episode with Kim Karr and Mitch Winterlin:

  • Kim is the creator of #ICANHELP, an organization committed to empowering students to promote digital safety and help change how social media is used as a positive platform. Mitch is the public relations intern who is incredibly passionate about this organization and improving how social media is used. Social media has too often become a platform that feeds the need of comparison and mental illness. But, it can be brought back to a place of genuine connection.
  • Every month, supporters come together and have serious and courageous conversations about what is important to them. Communities and schools see what #ICANHELP is doing to advocate for social media change and apply it to their own communities, spreading the messages.
  • In order to build relationships with large social media platforms, they took the first step and sent a message to Twitter about their problem with the over-complicated process of reporting a harmful tweet. They replied to the message, was inspired by what #ICANHELP is doing, and made the changes needed.
  • #ICANHELP is such a powerful organization because of the passionate students involved. Every student that joins has a different passion for helping problems that are important to them, making the organization incredibly diverse.
  • What action steps can you take to limit your social media use? You can put your phone on do-not-disturb so that you check your phone only when you need to, set a social media time limit, or take a social media cleanse.
  • Everyone can help! Mentors, students, schools, any communities can get involved! #ICANHELP has 8 committees, each with an adult mentor, who help the organization market their ideas and spread the word.
  • Find out more about #ICANHELP at https://www.icanhelp.net/ and on social platforms @icanhelpofficial (Twitter @icanhelp)
  • Kim’s hot seat answers!
    • Apple or Android: Apple
    • Favorite book: Marching Off The Map
    • Favorite movie: Grease and High School Musical
    • App you couldn't live without: Auto Rap
    • Do you believe in aliens?: I hope so
    • Best album/artist: Janet Jackson
    • Ideal vacation spot: Africa
    • Self-care activity of choice: Outside concerts, paddle boarding, running, music, dancing, calling people
    • Book title written about Kim’s life: I Like to Make Life Interesting
  • Mitch’s hot seat answers!
    • Apple or Android: Apple
    • Favorite book: The Perks of Being a Wallflower or Red, White, and Royal Blue
    • Favorite movie: The Notebook
    • App you couldn't live without: Snapchat or Spotify
    • Do you believe in aliens?: Yes
    • Best album/artist: 21 - Adele
    • Ideal vacation spot: France
    • Self-care activity of choice: Journal every night, gratitude practices
    • Book title written about Mitch’s life: Mitch Please, A Boy Story

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