Jared Murphy: It's Not Aliens, It's Us!, Part 2


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The evidences from historical record, legends and myths are shouting that it wasn’t aliens, that the advanced technologies are echoes of a human society we do not have a written record of. We have the remnants of their buildings, genes, and the sciences that point to a highly advanced human race that survived multiple catastrophes and to this day may live among us. Human bones have been found back millions of years along side the homo erectus and other “primitive” humans. Many revelations of high technology have been being uncovered by independent researchers all over the earth. Anomalies in the historical record, out of place, out of time artifacts are labeled as mysteries or one offs yet show signs of advanced sciences and intelligence. Ancient maps showing lands that were not supposed to have been known, let alone covered deep in ice for thousands of years before human civilization. The case is evaporating of the timeline given for modern man being here for only 3 or 400,000 years.Taking the reader through many fast advances recently in technology and looking at archaeological evidences we build a case for that lost society and technologies. Looking further at rediscoveries of the world of movement, fitness, discoveries in eating and super human abilities and finds in our very genes that without a doubt show us that we have highly advanced ancient relatives. Amazingly illustrated with over 200 photos, this book truly takes you on a journey.
Self-experimenter and field researcher of ancient technologies and lost history, Jared Murphy has traveled the world searching for evidence of advanced ancestors and high technology.

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