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Chef Vivian Howard’s new show Somewhere South recently debuted on PBS stations across the country. The show is her follow up to the wildly popular series A Chef’s Life. Chef Howard was the first woman to win a Peabody award for a cooking show since Julia Child, and she was a semi-finalist for the James Beard Award’s Best Chef Southeast five consecutive times.

Somewhere South takes Chef Vivian to different Southern locations where she investigates dishes that are universal to all cultures. In the fourth episode of the series, Vivian’s exploration of pickles brings her to Kentucky, where she visits Lexington, Woodford County, and Whitesburg.

Along the way Vivian is guided by Chef Sam Fore, who you can hear discuss the visit in episode 9. Sam takes her to visit Woodford Reserve Distillery as well as to see Smithtown Seafood’s Chef Agnes Marrero. Then Lora Smith of the Appalachian Impact Fund takes Vivian to Letcher County where Regina Niece and Carolyn Sturgill show how they make chow-chow at the CANE Kitchen in Whitesburg.

In this episode, Vivian Howard and I discuss her new show and her visit to Kentucky. She tells about her first visit to a holler, her unexpected run-in with an Osage orange, as well as her first visit to a Kentucky distillery. We also chat about the group Brown in the South, and Louisville Chef Edward Lee’s appearance on the Dumpling episode of Somewhere South. Also, Vivian and I talk about the situation facing restaurants during the current shutdown, which was just beginning when she and I spoke.

A special thank you to Andrea Weigl.

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