Episode 113 - How to Market and Build Financial Stability During Economic Crisis with Roland Frasier


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Economic Crisis - time to panic or time to press ahead? While challenging and painful, there are huge opportunities right now. Some of the world’s most successful companies grew leaps and bounds during recessions (Toyota, Kellogs and many others). On this show investor, mentor and brilliant marketer and entrepreneur Roland Frasier and I talk about what you need to do to survive and thrive right now. From getting your head right, to ensuring financial stability to how to market your product - right now. The market has shifted but money is still up for grabs. Here’s what we cover:

  • Understanding the physiological segments of the market and how to reach customers that are still actively buying now
  • How your product positioning should pivot during times of extreme uncertainty
  • How companies like Toyota and Kellogg’s crushed their competitors during a recession
  • How to secure financing right now
  • What to measure and how to measure to keep your head above water

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