Episode 116 - 7 Ways to Market in Times of Uncertainty


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Currently, over 77% of our eCommerce clients are either still UP in sales even during this time of extreme uncertainty or are the same (plus or minus 1-2%). Yes, some are hurting - but for most eCommerce businesses you CAN do something about sluggish sales right now. We’ve learned a lot in recent weeks on what messages resonate with prospects and what falls flat. In this episode (taken from a recent highly-popular webinar) Chris Brewer, Co-Founder of OMG Commerce and I dive into these important topics:

  • Understanding the different physiological segments of shoppers right now and how to appeal to them
  • People still want to buy even when stuck at home - how to provide retail therapy to your customers
  • How to handle paid search on both Amazon and Google right now (search trends are shifting)
  • Why this could be the perfect time to consider YouTube ads…viewership is up 100%+ on the platform and ad costs are down 20% or more
  • How you can gain market share and get ahead of the competition right now

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