Episode 126 - Increasing Conversions in the New Normal of Ecommerce with Jon MacDonald of The Good


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Online shopping has shifted dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Some experts believe we’ve seen 5+ years of eCommerce growth condensed into just a few months. Attitudes towards quantities ordered, shipping rates and times, and pricing have ALL shifted from the norm. I wanted to have Jon MacDonald come back on the show (see his first appearance on the podcast for Episode 60 to talk about what’s working right now in terms of Conversion Rate Optimization. We cover some truly fascinating subjects including:

  • How buying in bulk it a new trend - even if your marketing to non-peppers
  • How to structure new shopping options for buying in bulk to make the process easier on shoppers and easier on your fulfillment centers
  • 3 ways to use SMS marketing to before, during and after the shopping experience to surprise and delight customers
  • Where you should start optimizing now including some key data points and quick wins with Google Analytics that you’re likely missing
  • How to quickly and inexpensively benefit from Heat Maps
  • Why taking care of your highest value customers is more important now than ever before

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