Episode 129 - 3 Keys to Run A Successful Affiliate Program in 2020 with Greg Powell


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Almost every eCommerce company I talk to is investing heavily into Facebook and Google Ads. Probably less than 30% are actively investing in Affiliate marketing. I first met my guest, Greg Powell, while we were both providing consulting services for another agency. I instantly could tell that he knew his stuff. Now he’s running an extremely successful Affiliate Marketing agency - Tactical Marketing based in Joplin MO.

  • Fringe benefits of an affiliate marketing program including free PR and new audience discovery and testing.
  • 3 ways to tell if your product is a good fit for Affiliate marketing
  • Avoiding affiliate horror stories - namely, how to avoid coupon site hell.
  • How attracting the right affiliates makes all of the difference.
  • Best affiliate networks for your category
  • Plus much more!

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