Episode 136 - Line Extension and Licensing to Fuel Growth with Chris Lynch Everyday Cali


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In a word, Chris Lynch is cool. So is his brand Everyday California. It’s not a surprise then, that what started as an adventure tour company also became a super popular apparel line. But Chris and the Everyday Cali team didn’t stop there… The brand has now grown to include flip flops, beer, CBD and even a line of sunscreen. So what separates a solid business move into new products vs. an unhealthy distraction? When should you partner, license, go on your own, or scrap an idea? Here’s what we dive into on this episode:

  • When to lawyer up and why it’s sooo worth it
  • Be patient - speed in some instances almost guarantees that you land on your face.
  • One of the best questions to ask about adding a new product is “does it feel right?”
  • How Chris and team partnered with a brewery on a California IPA and a CBD company to make a CBD product all while strengthening their core brand offering.
  • Lessons learned from a few license deals
  • How and why Everyday Cali is launching a brand new sunscreen - if you’re considering a line extension, you’ll love Chris’ advice.

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