Episode 140 - 6-Figure Product Launches on Kickstarter with Khierstyn Ross


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Khierstyn Ross is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to launching products on Kickstarter. She’s experienced the highs of multiple 6-figure product launches, plus she’s endured the heartache of a launch gone bad. She knows what to do and, just as importantly, what to avoid.

In this podcast, we talk about the keys to building a 6-figure crowd-funded product launch including:

  • What products work best for a Kickstarter launch
  • Why audience building is so important, how to do it, and why so many people underestimate it.
  • What kind of targets to set for your first day of your Kickstarter launch
  • What to consider when it comes to shipping
  • Top mistakes to avoid
  • How storytelling fuels crowd-funding launches

Plus more!

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