Avoid those common mistakes when manufacturing overseas in China


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In this episode we talk about those common mistakes businesses make when manufacturing overseas in China and how to avoid them.

We have a special guest Sajag Agarwal, the CEO and Founder of Movley, a Chicago-based company working to streamline and automate worldwide manufacturing and supply-chain through tech. Always having a passion for entrepreneurship, Sajag’s first venture was at 12 years old running an online gaming community. At 15, he opened an e-commerce company and was bringing in 6-figures net per annum. Then later he founded an Amazon e-com brand that grew to $2M/yr in less than 3 years.
If you would like more useful tips on how you can avoid these common mistakes, make sure you download Movley's Inspection Preparation Guide, which will walk you through how you can prepare for your inspection.

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