How Talvi used an Interactive Story to help CSR's deliver Better Service and Meet KPI's


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How Talvi helped new CSR's gain confidence helping customers using Interactive Storytelling.

Want to learn how she did it?

Goal: Help Customer Service Reps at international call centres build confidence and experience solving customer problems while navigating complex software, balancing KPI's, and customer satisfaction.

Here's what we cover:

1. What motivated Talvi to join the ISA coaching program.

2. What surprised her about crafting interactive stories, what was completely different than what she imagined.

3. What behaviour Talvi set out to change in her target audience.

4. What the development process looked like.

5. Her unique and surprising approach to validating her scenario choices.

6. Talvi's lessons from prototyping.

Talvi’s #1 piece of advice for members: Follow the steps, even if it feels overwhelming at first, everything ends up coming together... if you go step by step. Enjoy!

Want to learn how she did it?

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