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Songs from many Genres including Synthpop, electro, new wave, punk, EBM, Industrial. If it has synthesizers then it will get played Shamm68 is a raw recruit to the podcast world who wishes to share his music with like-minded listeners. His passion for music began at the age of 10 when Gary Numans "Cars" appeared on TOTP's. He put down his colouring pencils and was totally mesmerised No surprise then to find him influenced by Gary Numan, John Foxx,Mesh and Depeche Mode and the like in the electronic genre and Sex pistols and Undertones in the punk genre. Other influences include Cocteau twins, Simple minds, Japan and Ultravox - in fact practically anything that has a fair bit of synthesiser or a new wave sound floats his boat - so climb aboard! Listeners will be treated to a mixture of the afore mentioned and more including Industrial, EBM, electro-goth as well as the odd instrumental track too. A frustrated synthesiser owner with tons of VSTs who toys around making melodies, Shamm68 makes the odd noise but claims he ‘hasnt a clue’ how to create a song! :( An avid hater of "Radio music" Electric Principles promises something a little different for everyone!!!

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