How To Astronaut: Life Lessons From A Space Traveler – Terry Virts (Ep. 293)


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terry virts

Terry Virts, retired NASA astronaut, International Space Station commander and colonel in the United States Air Force, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Terry talks about his life as an astronaut and what he learned from traveling to space and being on the space shuttle for many months out of the year. He dives into a number of topics regarding space travel and space life including, what it’s like floating around, how to eat, how to shower, how to exercise in space, and so much more. Terry also talks about the mindset needed to keep your sanity while in space, isolated from the rest of society and what he did to be productive and even happy. If you’re wondering what it’s like traveling to space and living there for extended periods of time, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • The most important training you can do on earth for flying in a space ship
  • Terry’s experience being a fighter pilot and how this compares to being an astronaut
  • The speed at which a rocket ship takes off and the G forces that you experience during the takeoff
  • What killed the space shuttle Columbia crew and the fatal mistake that was made
  • What drove Terry into wanting to be an astronaut
  • The mental training required for being an astronaut
  • The physical aspects to being an astronaut and why it’s so critical to be in top shape
  • The centrifuge training that Terry Virts went through and the fact he has to be able to think critically while facing G forces and incredible speeds
  • Reading while parachuting
  • The time it takes to travel to the international space station
  • The time it would take to fly to the moon and why no human has been there in several decades
  • Elon Musk and the work the SpaceX is doing
  • The advantages of having a private space program vs. a government one
  • The longest amount of time Terry has been out in space for
  • How to work out in space and stay in shape so your muscles don’t wither away
  • The food that you eat in space and the liquid you consume (and whether it floats if you try to drink it like you normally would)
  • What it’s like to float in space
  • How you sleep while in space
  • What types of work and research Terry would do while at the space station
  • How to shower in space
  • Why your immune system gets worse in space and how pathogens and bacteria differ
  • What it’s like being in isolation for so long and how to get by
  • Being productive during times of stress or isolation
  • How to deal with fear and accept it to move past it

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