How To Live In The Present Moment And Remove All Fear (Plus Exclusive Elite Mind Insight!) – Justin Stenstrom (Ep. 275)


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Justin Stenstrom, Elite Man Podcast host, founder of Elite Life Nutrition, and creator of Elite Man Magazine, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Justin talks about the power of living in the present moment. He breaks down the process for living in the now and what this can do for your mental and emotional health. Justin also shares exclusive Elite Mind content directly from his bestselling new book. If you’re wondering how to tap into the present moment to release all your fears and obtain more happiness, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • The power of the present moment
  • Why living in the now is more imperative than ever before
  • Surviving this health pandemic from a mental health perspective
  • The truth about the pandemic and the other side to the argument you’re not really hearing
  • Opening up the economy sooner rather than later
  • Having a differing opinion and why that’s okay
  • Not worrying about the future or stressing about tomorrow
  • Overcoming feeling like you missed out or lost things in the past
  • Avoiding depression by being present and grounded
  • Snapping into the present moment through a major life event
  • The dangerous ways of being present and living in the now
  • The safer and ultimately more effective ways to live in the moment
  • Meditation and its ability to elicit presence
  • Hanging around someone exciting
  • Doing things you love and are passionate about
  • Spending time with someone you’re really attracted to either physically or emotionally
  • Accepting the present moment
  • Being able to summon presence at any second
  • The power of surrender and letting go

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