How To Stop Being Shy, Manage Social Anxiety, And Be Yourself In Front Of Others – Mark Metry (Ep. 278)


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mark metry

Mark Metry, TEDx Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author of Screw Being Shy, and host of the Humans 2.0 Podcast, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Mark talks about his book Screw Being Shy: Learn How to Manage Social Anxiety and Be Yourself in Front of Anyone, and he discusses his personal struggles and ultimately triumph over social anxiety. He talks about the reasons why people have social anxiety, what it really looks like, and how to get past it. Mark also covers his struggles with general anxiety, depression, obesity, and social isolation and the process he used to get over these major issues. If you’re wondering how to stop being shy and gain true confidence in yourself, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • Mark’s new book and why he wrote it
  • Why he decided to become a podcaster and how he grew his following so quickly
  • Mark’s very early start into the entrepreneurial and online marketing world
  • His struggles with socializing and being shy and anxious around others
  • Having obesity, anxiety, and even suicidal depression issues
  • The reason Mark put his foot down and decided to fix his problems
  • Realizing he had incredibly bad social anxiety
  • Binge eating and the weight issues and dietary problems Mark had that exacerbated his mental health issues
  • Building little habits to slowly pull himself out of his rut
  • How long it took Mark to get over his social anxiety issues
  • The role of nutrition in Mark’s life
  • Improving his sleep and exercise routine and how this propelled his success
  • Building himself up to the point where he could use exposure therapy to slowly get over his social fears
  • The moment Mark realized he was beating his social anxiety problems
  • The difference between being shy and being an introvert
  • The feelings, thoughts, and emotions that Mark and others who have social anxiety get when they experience their anxiety
  • The reasons why some people get social anxiety and others do not
  • The tribal concept deeply ingrained in all of us
  • Surrounding yourself with good, supportive people who understand your issues
  • The importance of meditation in Mark’s life and how this helped re-wire his brain
  • Creating a biochemical foundation of good neurotransmitters and hormones in the body and brain
  • Getting past your individual triggers for social anxiety
  • What Mark’s life is like now that he’s been able to control his anxiety

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