How To Express Your Desires, Tap Into Your Emotions, And Overcome Your Deepest Fears – Michael Pariser (Ep. 284)


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Dr. Michael Pariser, psychotherapist in West Los Angeles specializing in the treatment of emotional disorders and author of the new book No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Hero’s Journey, A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Integrated Male, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Dr. Pariser talks about Nice Guy Syndrome and breaking past this to reveal your true desires and needs as a man. He also dives into many psychological techniques and practices for reconditioning your mindset for happiness and success despite past traumas or maladaptive traits. If you’re wondering how to express your desires, tap into your emotions, and overcome your fears, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Dr. Pariser began working with Dr. Robert Glover and the Nice Guy work he does
  • Dr. Pariser’s background in therapy and his work in psychoanalysis and dealing with emotions
  • His own journey of self-discovery and psychological growth and change
  • Finding the one major issue in his life which allowed him to overcome the many issues he thought he had to overcome
  • The problem with being a nice guy, especially with regard to women
  • The many exercises and actionable steps that help guys break past the nice guy syndrome mindset
  • Becoming aware of your emotions and reactions to different social triggers in the moment so you can better control your emotions
  • The Hero’s Journey and the work of Joseph Campbell and why it’s so profound, especially for men
  • Reanimating desire if you’re a nice guy or someone who suppresses their desires
  • The role that parents play in a child’s psychological development, especially when it pertains to expressing needs and desires
  • Developing maladaptive traits and becoming an adult who’s been conditioned by your parents for decades
  • An easy exercise for men to do to start expressing themselves more openly
  • Self-acceptance and loving yourself fully
  • Accepting all that you cannot change in life
  • Making a home for the flaws or things you don’t inherently love about yourself
  • The issue with forgiving your parents and whether or not it’s required for healing
  • The optimal way to get over a past issue with a parent or family member
  • Changing the way you view the actions of others in the past
  • Having a goal of understanding as opposed to a goal of forgiveness
  • Overcoming the fear of emotional darkness and looking into the core of pain
  • The fact that we’ve all had the feeling of being unloved and how powerful this can be to our psyche
  • The fact that the gates of hell open from inside and why you have to go in, face your darkness, and accept it

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Book: No More Mr. Nice Guy: The Hero’s Journey, A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Integrated Male


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