How To Live An Extraordinary Life: Lessons From An Ordinary Man – Tim Carlin (Ep. 294)


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Tim Carlin, US Army officer, West Point grad, cancer survivor, and author of the new book An Extraordinarily Ordinary Life: Lessons Learned, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Tim talks about his ordinary life filled with extraordinary results and consistent reinventions of careers and success. He dives into the origins of his mental toughness and how he developed a philosophy of dedication and discipline throughout his life. Tim also talks about the core principles to his success across multiple avenues and what other ordinary people can do to achieve incredible success as well. If you’re wondering what it’s like living an extraordinary life even if you’re and ordinary person, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Tim’s been able to constantly reinvent himself over the years
  • Tim’s early life and having an adventurous outlook very early on
  • Tim’s success out of the military and how he worked his way up from frying chicken at an entry level position to eventually running 100 restaurants
  • Putting your ego aside in life and in business
  • Having a strong work ethic and being willing to do the daily grind
  • The type of mindset needed to be a wrestling champion and how this translates into success in life
  • How Tim found out he had bladder cancer
  • What it was like overcoming bladder cancer and the mindset
  • Tim had throughout the process
  • How giving in order to receive leads to more success
  • Being a good friend and networker and building up a community of people you can count on by supporting them first
  • How to become friends with other men
  • Punching above your weight and why this can be a great thing
  • Tim’s dedication to tying knots in ranger school and how this allowed him to pass at the top of the class
  • Not having any special talents to be a great ranger but outworking and outperforming others by using an outside-the-box philosophy
  • Why discipline is freedom
  • Why you always need to be learning in life no matter what level you get to
  • Why you need to constantly force yourself to be uncomfortable in life
  • What it was like going door to door doing sales after getting laid off from the restaurant industry and why it was terrifying to Tim
  • Embracing rejection, especially as a man
  • Giving up too early on your dreams
  • If you’re not growing you’re dying

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