How To Size People Up, Read Them Like A Book, And Predict Their Future Behavior – Robin Dreeke (Ep. 261)


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Robin Dreeke, former head of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program and author of the new book Sizing People Up, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Robin talks about his career in the FBI and the incredible skills he learned while being the head of the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Behavioral Analysis Program. He shares incredible tips and strategies for reading people instantly, understanding their body language, building rapport, inspiring trust and likeability, and predicting their future behavior. Robin also talks about his six-step system for sizing people up and how to apply this to every area of your life. If you’re wondering how to read people like a book and take your social skills, relationships, and success to the next level, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • What Robin did in the FBI for many years
  • How he learned how to read people and predict their behavior
  • How to inspire trust from others with your own actions and why human beings are incredibly predictable
  • What vesting means and why it’s critical to predicting someone’s behavior
  • What this looks like in real life actions
  • The importance of longevity and why this can help you understand someone at a deeper level
  • Reliability and the critical nature of this behavior predictor
  • Why actions are so important for truly understanding someone and being able to know what they’re going to do
  • Language and why the words that someone uses is more important than you think
  • Stability and the hidden key that this can reveal about someone’s behavior
  • Getting out of your head and reading people on the spot, without trying to analyze everything
  • Why really listening and observing someone is the key to connecting with them, understanding them, predicting their behavior, and ultimately getting more from your relationship with them
  • The rapid ability to apply these skills and how soon and accurate you can do this
  • Deescalating potentially dangerous situations
  • The power of your voice and why you must master it
  • Disarming others and getting them to think what you want them to do
  • What Robin does in his own life to optimize his body language
  • Why he avoids the weaknesses and insecurities of others and why he tries to focus on their strengths as much as possible
  • How to know if you are about to be fired or promoted at work
  • How to know if your relationship is on the rocks despite what your spouse tells you
  • How to determine whether someone is trustworthy and how to become more trustworthy to others
  • How to know whether someone is truly invested in you

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