How To Start A Wildly Successful Business Selling Products Or Services That Your Customers Love – Sal Mariano (Ep. 259)


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Sal Mariano, the co-founder of Peak Marketing Team, a marketing agency which helps business owners and brands make boatloads of money while saving precious time and energy, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Sal talks about his pivot in business over the past few years and why he now trains and helps other business owners and brands become very successful in a much shorter amount of time. He talks about the keys to becoming successful with a new business, how to find the right product and market to sell to, how to become visible in the market and stick out from competition, and how to create an irresistible offer that your audience craves. Sal delivers a number of incredible takeaways in this powerful episode. If you’re wondering how to start a wildly successful business and grow it fast, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • What Sal Mariano has been up to the past few years and why he made a professional shift in his business
  • The reason Sal pivoted from life coaching and motivational speaking and dove deep into online marketing
  • How Sal is helping people change their lives, but in a different way
  • Purpose and shifting your purposes over time
  • The most important asset we have as human beings
  • Saving years of time by following someone else’s lead and forgoing a multitude of mistakes
  • The key to making any business profitable
  • Proving a concept before you invest more money into your business
  • Identifying a problem that you can solve as a business
  • What Sal did to find his target audience and get to know them better
  • How to identify your target audience’s problems by decoding the language they’re using and the topics they’re talking about
  • How long you should invest in understanding your audience and who they really are
  • Getting visibility for your business and the importance of this key area
  • What to do when nobody follows your stuff in the beginning and how to stay motivated during this grinding process
  • The best way to grow and audience and get more eyeballs on your business
  • The opportunity we all have currently with social media and technology
  • Becoming polarizing in your life and in your business and why this can lead to unbelievable success
  • Why having haters is a good thing
  • The best places to spend your time to increase your visibility and the one social media channel you must be on
  • When to outsource and when to figure things out for yourself and learn the technical side of things
  • Building an irresistible offer and getting them to convert
  • The greatest salesman Justin ever met and what he learned about offers and sales from this man
  • How to 10X the value of your offer, without doing a ton of work or spending a ton of money
  • What to do after you make a sale and how to keep your customer happy and buying more products from you

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