How To Stop Being A Reactive Person And Break Self-Sabotaging Cycles – Dr. Tracy Thomas (Ep. 295)


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Dr. Tracy Thomas, author, psychologist, emotional scientist, and emotional sensitivity expert, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Dr. Tracy talks about emotional sensitivity and how to become more connected with yourself without being brought down by your environment. She discusses how to recognize self-sabotaging behaviors and how to break negative cycles and patterns throughout the day which ordinarily lead to bad decisions and outcomes. Tracy discusses a multitude of tips for balancing your emotions and overcoming mental hardships. If you’re wondering how to break the self-sabotaging cycles in your life, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Dr. Tracy has adapted her coaching and her personal life during the pandemic
  • The different types of people and personalities and how they’ve been handling things differently
  • Being an emotionally sensitive person
  • The fact depression, anxiety, and suicides have skyrocketed during the shutdown
  • Being someone who’s overcome past trauma and hardship and facing the current mental and social crisis
  • How those who were emotionally unstable are coping with the lockdown
  • Why Tracy is so much more successful in her coaching and training than the average rehab center is
  • Having a mastery mindset growing up and parlaying this into her coaching
  • The problems with AA and other rehab facilities and what they do wrong
  • Getting to the root of your problems in mental health and in chronic disease
  • How cycles work and why they effect virtually every decision you make
  • Getting a hold of your cycles and thinking and your actions once you get into a pattern
  • Breaking the self-sabotaging cycles and recognizing them before they get worse
  • Giving yourself a break when you mess up and not being so hard on yourself
  • Learning to have things in moderation as opposed to having to cut them off altogether and feeling disempowered
  • Becoming connected to yourself
  • Bringing attention and awareness to yourself and what this can do for your mental health and peace of mind
  • Tracking your body and your feelings throughout the day
  • Changing your reactions in real time without being reactive
  • Being the facilitator of your emotions no matter what your environment is
  • Taking responsibility over your emotions

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