How To Take Responsibility Over Your Life And Get Over The Victim Mentality– Chris Albert (Ep. 257)


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Chris Albert, training and nutrition coach, podcast host, and the creator of Warrior Soul Agoge, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Chris talks about his past struggles with alcoholism, depression, and a crippling identity crisis that fueled his constant woes. He talks about not having a father growing up, his finding paternal guidance in the military, and his substance abuse and self-harming behavior when he ultimately got out of the military and lost his purpose. Chris also talks about how he dramatically changed his mindset and stop thinking of himself as a victim but instead as someone who was responsible for his life and who create the life he truly wanted. If you’re wondering how to take full ownership of everything that comes your way and cultivate a success-driven mindset, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • The fact that 800,000 people per year commit suicide
  • Why the veteran community is facing mental illness at a much higher rate than the civilian population
  • The work that Chris is doing to help veterans get over depression and PTSD issues
  • The reason many veterans face PTSD once they get out of the military and the fact that many veterans who have PTSD never actually saw combat
  • The coping mechanisms that Chris and many others used to try to get over his mental illness
  • The fact that Chris grew up without a father and what he did to compensate for this
  • Why Chris made up these narratives in his head about not being good enough and being an alcoholic and how this led to self-destructive behavior
  • Taking a DNA test and what Chris learned about the true identity of his father
  • Why he had to change the story in his head to pull himself out of his deep, dark hole
  • Getting over the narrative and rewriting your own script to live the life you want
  • Why Chris doesn’t regret any of his past mistakes and why he wouldn’t change some of the challenges and dark parts of his life even if he could
  • The power of forgiveness and why Chris needed to forgive his mother to get past his demons
  • Learning from the struggles you have in life so you can have a better and more rewarding life afterwards
  • Getting past the victim mindset and accepting everything that comes your way
  • Obtaining a super power in your life and using it to propel you to unbelievable success
  • Getting past the feeling of being entitled and why this mindset is insidiously crippling your ability to be happy or successful in life
  • Taking ownership of everything that happens in your life
  • Getting past the life of mediocrity which so many unwitting souls will live
  • Getting past your comfort zone in life
  • Where true happiness comes from and how to obtain it
  • Why only about 8% of people will achieve the goals they set out to do
  • How to actually achieve goals and be one of the few successful

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