How To Tap Into Higher States Of Consciousness, Synchronize Your Energy, And Restore Peace Within Your Soul – Kristin Johnston (Ep. 268)


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Kristin Johnston, master healer, soul reader, and spiritual alchemist, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Kristin talks about her past struggles with addiction, finding her calling in life, and helping others heal through a number of modalities including energy work. Kristin also covers plant medicine, meditation, tapping into higher states of consciousness, and understanding your soul’s journey in life. In fact, she dives into a myriad of interesting and powerful concepts and teachings in this episode and shares how to find synchronicity and harmony in life. If you’re wondering how to synchronize your energy and restore peace within your soul, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Kristin found her calling in life and became a master healer
  • Overcoming addiction by using natural, holistic modalities, and plant medicine
  • What her experience was like using Ibogaine (Iboga) and how it reset her brain to a pre-addictive state
  • Healing from past traumatic memories and experiences that are stored within your subconscious
  • How the title of her upcoming book popped in her head and what her book is about
  • Living in alignment with your soul
  • One of the most powerful breath work exercises out there called Holotropic Breathwork
  • The power of breathing with a group and the energy that can be shared during this time
  • The healing that takes place while in the parasympathetic state and how to get into this state quickly
  • Tapping into other states of consciousness and perhaps even other dimensions
  • Becoming more energy than matter and influencing the material world with your energy
  • Full spectrum healing and how this works
  • Harmonizing energy and the natural synchronization of the world (harmonic resonance)
  • Why what we broadcast is what we create in life
  • The role that our souls play in our lives and why it may be far greater than we ever thought
  • The blessing in disguise that this current state of chaos can bring to many people, as long as they are open to it
  • Why crisis often precedes transformation and why chaos precedes order
  • The consciousness of the universe and how this plans into our own consciousness
  • How to restore harmony in your life
  • The integral role that food plays in restoring balance in your life
  • The 7 primary chakra centers and bringing them into balance
  • The positive health effects of nourishing your body and balancing your energy
  • How to lower our stress levels, boost our immune systems, and overcome this current crisis
  • The power of meditation and why you should implement it every day into your life
  • Having peace even in the midst of chaos

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