How To Tap Into Your Purpose And Become Activated In Life – Charles Clark (Ep. 267)


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Charles Clark, world class sprinter, creator of Thrive Planner and Thrive Tribe Podcast, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Charles talks about his life as a world-class runner and switching his career and identity after a major injury into becoming a world-class mindset coach. Charles talks about the success conscious habits you need to practice every day and what it takes to have the mindset for success that a truly elite and world-class athlete possesses. He also talks about the process for tapping into your purpose and becoming activated and excited in your life every day. If you’re wondering how to develop a world-class mindset and tap into your purpose, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • What Charles does these days, as a retired professional runner
  • Having the mindset of being in the top 1% of successful people in the world
  • The injury that set him on his current path, the path of making a difference in the world through coaching
  • Charles’ unbelievable running speed and what he could run a 200 meter time in (and a 40 yard dash even though he didn’t compete in the 40)
  • What separated Usain Bolt from everyone else and made him so great
  • Whether it’s possible to increase your running speed and the training behind this
  • Losing to Bolt the day he broke the world record by less than 1 full second
  • Being more present and grateful in your life
  • What success consciousness is and why it’s the core to success
  • Why values are action-driven
  • How Charles Clark was able to switch his identity from being a world-class athlete to being a world-class mindset coach
  • Why Charles is more passionate than ever before and why he’s so excited about life today and what he does
  • Understanding and figuring out who you really are
  • How to get below the surface and figure out your belief system, your faith, your values, and what you believe in
  • Creating success habits every single day
  • Tapping into your purpose and designing your life the way you want it to be
  • Why your word of impact is so powerful, to not just for yourself but for lots of people
  • Having faith beyond yourself not in a religious sense but a spiritual one
  • Being a good father, family man, and leader and looking out for the next generation
  • What purpose really means and why so many people don’t understand how to create purpose in their lives
  • Being activated in your life
  • Whether or not everybody can become activated and excited about life
  • Success conscious habits you can use right now to change your life
  • Having grit in your life and why this habit is a game-changer

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Instagram: thecharlesclark


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