How To Think Faster, Make Better Decisions, And Perform Like A World-Class Fighter Pilot – Justin “Hasard” Lee (Ep. 258)


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Justin “Hasard” Lee, F-35 fighter pilot and host of the Professionals Playbook podcast, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Justin talks his incredible experiences flying all types of fighter jets including the F-35 and other elite vehicles. Justin talks about the feeling he gets wizzing through the air, what it’s comparable to, why he loves it, and the very real dangers of it. Justin also talks about the performance and the mindset needed to successfully fly such a fast and potentially deadly vehicle and how he conditions himself before and after flight to ensure his safety and success. If you’re wondering how to think, act, and perform like a world-class fighter pilot, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Justin got the call sign “Hasard” in the military
  • How Justin became a fighter pilot and how he was inspired by the Top Gun movie
  • What Justin today and why he started his own podcast
  • What exactly goes into the background training for being a fighter pilot
  • The debriefing process and why Justin spends 90% of the time in debrief talking about the 10% of the mistakes they made
  • The 3 different types of errors that pilots can make
  • Missing an important radio call and the consequences of this
  • Decision-making errors and what happens when you make this type of error
  • Choosing the wrong moves and how to fix this error in flight and in life
  • Errors in execution and how to minimize these as greatly as possible
  • The general amount of time it takes to reach a level of proficiency
  • The top speeds of the F-16 and the incredible maneuverability of this incredible plane
  • The feeling of flying a fighter jet and the comparisons to riding a roller coaster
  • Pulling up on 9G forces and having to fight the incredible powers of gravity at such a high speed
  • The importance of being in great shape and taking care of your body before and during flight
  • The real dangers of flying fighter jets and how pilots can be killed routinely if they are not extremely careful
  • The best part of flying fighter jets and what Justin enjoys most about flying these incredible machines
  • Justin’s time in combat and what he and his team do to keep America safe
  • Communicating with your team while having to coordinate the attacks precisely and effectively
  • The accuracy of the smart bombs that the U.S. possesses and why dropping a bomb through someone’s chimney is actually very real
  • Why meditation has helped Justin with flying fighter jets and why he starts every morning with meditation
  • The importance of prioritization and why many people are missing it
  • Balancing the fast-paced life of flying fighter jets with normal, ordinary civilian life

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