How To Use Red Light Therapy And Natural Light To Dramatically Improve Your Health – Matt Maruca (Ep. 274)


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Matt Maruca, researcher, educator, entrepreneur, and founder of Ra Optics, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Matt talks about the critical and overlooked role that light plays in human health. He breaks down the importance of getting different colors of light in various parts of the day, optimizing your natural light, reducing artificial light, and optimizing the function of our mitochondria. Matt also talks about how he overcame a number of severe health issues early on in life and how he continues to optimize his health today with the help of light therapy. If you’re wondering how to take control of your health and optimize it using light therapy, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • Matt’s mentor Dr. Jack Kruse and his work with photobiomodulation
  • Matt’s health issues very early on in his life and what he did to start feeling better even as young as age 10
  • The importance of light for human beings and using it to improve our health
  • Why our mitochondria are the key to optimizing our health and reversing disease in our cells
  • The many processes that occur in the human body that are directly powered by the sun’s rays
  • Why so many health experts get the total health picture wrong by focusing all their efforts in just food or exercise
  • The contributing factors to Matt’s early health woes and what he did to get a hold of things early on
  • The role of epigenetics in our health and taking charge of this natural process
  • Freeing up energy in your body to allow your body to heal and take care of the processes that it needs to throughout the day
  • Mitochondrial damage in the body and why this leads to a number of chronic diseases
  • How to lower your exposure to blue light
  • The most practical ways to improve your natural light intake throughout the day
  • Going to bed earlier and waking up earlier and the health benefits of both
  • The fact that chronic disease is on the rise
  • How and when to use red lights for red-light therapy
  • How and when to use blue-light-blocking glasses
  • The many different colors on the light spectrum and how they all do different things
  • Avoiding bright lights at night before bed
  • Getting the right external light and balancing that with your internal light

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