The Antidote For Anxiety And Depression And The Prescription For Happiness And Confidence – Clay Cockrell (Ep. 254)


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Clay Cockrell, licensed clinical social worker, founder of Online Counseling, and host of the Finding Therapy podcast, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Clay talks about the 3 keys to being more happy and confident and beating your anxiety and depression for good. He talks about the importance of talk therapy and having another perspective on your problems. Clay also touches on the need to connect and be around others and why social media is insidiously taking over our lives, and what to do to reclaim your happiness. If you’re wondering how to fight off the depressive nature of our rapidly changing culture and become happy and confident in your life, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

• Why Clay helps people around the country get connected to therapists online

• Why talk therapy works and the power it can have in helping you overcome issues

• The fact that so many people have mental issues and that it’s very normal for people to have anxiety and depression at some point in their lives

• The realization that you are not alone in your fight against mental illness

• Seeing the light when it’s being shown by someone else

• The many blind spots that people have when it comes to their mental and emotional struggles

• The non-traditional approach to mental health that Clay takes with his patients

• Why most people have a stigma attached to seeing therapists

• The fact that it most likely will take a few tries before you find a therapist you click with

• How to find a therapist who really connects with you

• The signs that a therapist you meet doesn’t really match up well with you

• Why many therapists get into the field to help themselves and the warning signs surrounding this

• The financial stigma surrounding therapy and why it’s really not all that expensive when you think about it

• Whether online therapy can actually work or whether you should be in person

• Why you have to do the work yourself and why nobody can do it for you

• Why technology is destroying our happiness

• The fact that men are less likely to seek therapy than women and why they often struggle more because of this

• How to meet new people and make new friends in the 21st century

• The 3 prescrption for depression and anxiety

• The antidote for depression and anxiety and how to become happier and more confident

• The power of gratitude and love

• Loving yourself and appreciating the things you have

• Walking therapy sessions

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