127. The Truth about Calories In, Calories Out, and What You Didn't Know About Fat Loss | with Sam Miller and host Emily Duncan


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Ever wondered why you're in what should be a Calorie deficit but fat loss isn't working? Confused with one person on the internet swearing up and down that "Calories in, Calories out" is all that matters, and the next guru saying, "Calories don't matter at all, it's just your hormones"? Yeah, no wonder we're all confused.

Until now. Today, I'm here with Sam Miller to clear up the confusion on the realities of Calories in/Calories out, factors that effect Calories out that you may not be seeing, how to assess your SHREDS biofeedback for better progress, and how to use nutritional periodization to help you reach your fitness and fat loss goals for good.

Sam has spent over the last decade in the health, fitness, and nutrition coaching space, and now helps other coaches improve their client results, retention, and revenue through his programs. Sam obtained his Masters degree from North Carolina State University, as well as his Bachelors of Science from Elon University in North Carolina. He has built his reputation as an online coach, educator, podcast host, and mentor dedicated to providing simple, yet strategic ways to amplify your results either as a coach or in your own transformation…. (without being a dick about it). He has been featured as a speaker for companies like the social media giant "LinkedIn" as well as a guest contributor for brands such as Barbell Shrugged, Muscle Intelligence, T-Nation, Elite FTS, Tailored Coaching Method, Ever Forward Radio, and Active Life Rx.



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