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This is a special episode as I am welcoming my 8 year old daughter on as my guest! Those close to me often inquire on Stellas emotional maturity - even her teachers have commented - and in reflecting I do think there are some things I have been very intentional about.
Due to family history of mental illness and some early signs of frustration around change or lack of control I was curious how I could support her best. This lead me to the Simplicity Parenting course I took back in 2017 (I discuss that in more detail in Episode 3) and from there I dove into creating moments of connection with her from a young age where I would nurture her Empathic side and be available to listen.
We now have some rituals and tools in her wellness toolbox so we thought it would be fun to share them with you. I believe that loving kids effectively has a very strong impact on the relationship we are creating with our kids but also on the people they grow to be - that doesn't just happen it takes intentional work.
Stella's resources are listed here - wow what a list!
Peach + Pit - the tool we use to talk about our day
Love Powered Affirmation Cards for Kids - - the creative dance party coding art website
Star + Ace - The new business Stella started - you can view the video and purchase links here
Love Languages for Kids - start with this book -
Kids Collection Oils - any interest in oils please book a call or DM me on Instagram
Link to book a 15 min call about Essential Oils for your home and family

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