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Tonight we have a bit different show… its listener interaction show. We had a letter about kids Vtech cameras… they are the new Holga! Thanks Brian for the letter.

On with the topic tonight, we want to know, are you brand loyal? Do you always use the same film brand? Developer? Camera? Film only or add some digital? We heard from Nancy Bueler, Alex Luyckx (Classic Camera Revival podcast), Billy Sanford (Music & Photography, Sunny 16 presents podcast), Mike Gutterman (Negative Positives podcast), Bob St Cyr (Follow The Light podcast) and Suzanne Lopez (GenX podcast)! Thanks everyone for participating, love to hear your voices and read your letters… keep them coming.

Jake and Sherry are taking a summer holiday (not together, although that would be fun!) from podcasting… summer is too short and shooting time is the priority. They will return after Sherry finishes harvest on the farm. Have a great summer. Stay positive and embrace the grain.

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Into music by Sea Hero, break music by Mike Gutterman

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