Episode 038: Laurie Mohlman & her journey to redefining herself


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About Laurie:

Laurie Mohlman returned to school at the age of 43 as a single mother of three teenage children, two of whom have autism. She got her bachelor's degree in human behavior with an emphasis in family studies at age 45 and her masters of social work with an emphasis in substance use and criminal behavior at age 47. She currently works as a mental health therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Salt Lake County Jail as well as an online therapist through the Talkspace online therapy service. She is also the co-host of the Stop Living the Apology podcast that focuses on letting go of regrets and shame and what she and her best friend and co-host Angela Hough call "embracing your awesome". She particularly loves the focus of working with women and helping them truly embrace their lives, especially when they are feeling stuck. She co-hosts women's retreats with Angela in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah.

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00:07 - Introduction to podcast

00:28 - Laurie Mohlman's bio

01:31 - Laurie shares her story

04:00 - Difficult decisions had to be made on all sides

05:30 - Questioning choices made

07:50 - Laurie connects with advocates for her kids during her studies

10:17 - Laurie's biggest lesson

12:21 - Laurie finds a way to trust that things will work out

13:31 - Learning to release the grip

16:00 - Laurie's strong support system helped her make the choice to go back to school

18:18 - Laurie's advice for others going through something similar

21:49 - Laurie's final thoughts

25:08 - Ask yourself questions like "how can I grow?" and "what's the opportunity in this for me?"

About your host:

Sandra Dawes is a recovering control freak and excuse maker who works with clients struggling with similar issues. She holds an Honors BA, an MBA and a certificate in Dispute Resolution. After the passing of her father and circumstances that followed, she suffered from bouts of depression and sought the help of psychotherapists. Unwilling to seek pharmaceutical assistance to deal with her chronic unhappiness, she was lead on a journey of self-awareness and forgiveness that changed her life in deep and meaningful ways.

Sandra enjoys spending time with friends and family and her husband Satnam. She published her first book Embrace Your Destiny: 12 Steps to Living the Life You Deserve in 2013.

Sandra was added to the Wall of Role Models by the Diversity Advancement Network in July 2016.

You can find more articles and learn more about Sandra and the programs and products she offers at www.embraceyourdestiny.ca.

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