How I Manifested the Relationship of My Dreams


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Choosing a good partner has always been difficult for most people, but why?

To choose a good, compatible partner it's necessary to first know yourself, your likes, dislikes, and the goals that you want to reach in life. Keep in mind that this person that is going to come into your life will also have their own likes, hobbies, and goals. Are you willing to live with someone who smokes? Or someone who drinks?

This is where filtering comes in, you must prepare a list of activities or behaviors that make you uncomfortable and start to separate the people that you meet by using the said list. It may sound quite aggressive to filter people this way, but if you think about it, the process of finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is a serious one, and the results we are aiming for is to find the best possible partner; one that can be as reliable and compassionate as possible.

At times, the path of looking for a partner can be difficult and full of insecurities, but if you keep a positive attitude it can actually be very fun and easy. Join us today on this beautiful episode, where Dr. Carmen shares with us how she manifested the relationship with her husband, the steps she took, and some tips for the people out there who also want to manifest the relationship of their dreams!

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